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Who Did It And What For? :iconisabellatheshino:Isabellatheshino 0 0
I'm hear for you buddy by Isabellatheshino I'm hear for you buddy :iconisabellatheshino:Isabellatheshino 4 0 New memeber of the family by Isabellatheshino New memeber of the family :iconisabellatheshino:Isabellatheshino 3 2 The last one by Isabellatheshino The last one :iconisabellatheshino:Isabellatheshino 1 0 Thank you gif for sab546 by Isabellatheshino Thank you gif for sab546 :iconisabellatheshino:Isabellatheshino 1 5 Come closer by Isabellatheshino Come closer :iconisabellatheshino:Isabellatheshino 2 2 Random background #4 by Isabellatheshino Random background #4 :iconisabellatheshino:Isabellatheshino 0 0 whos in control!? by Isabellatheshino whos in control!? :iconisabellatheshino:Isabellatheshino 2 0 Max and fang by Isabellatheshino Max and fang :iconisabellatheshino:Isabellatheshino 2 0
When life becomes a game, you got to play it. Hello and welcome to the "game of life"!


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Amy the blind best
I hope you guys like her. She is going to be added to something. This took a bit too long, but i love how she looks there will be a link to a video i did on her.

Link here:…

edit: there we go. Therese the link.

This was just for fun at first, but then i check in to my you tube and found out i got this.

"I GOT 18 SUBS!!" Omg, thank you all, and thank you for anyone who subed. So know i need to think of something, that going to go with this videos, and hopeful make a 18+ sub video. wish me luck. :3

Hey, everybody! Me and my friend have account for selling art for points and i do request and commissions. So head over there, to get some characters and some art. If you guys would be so kind and nice as to share this around. It would be so nice. Trust me, you wont regret it.   
Jr. kevin
I did it! This is Jr, or Jr,Kevin. I hope you guys like him. Oh and TMC is me and a friend's Da page. I hope you guys, like him. 
Kevin Jr.
Hears a up date. I changed and shaded him. Hopefully, you guys like him updated.
My Style Vs Your Style By Ka…

I hope you like it Katethedeath. It took some time, but i hope you like it.  Just know, i like your art style, It's so nice and it looks so cute. Sorry that i didn't add the magic, part. I'm not really good on that, but i will practice on it.  I also enjoy, doing this. This channeled me a bit. So i hope you like it, and pleases give me a little bit of feed back on how i did? Thank you and have a nice day. 

The owner of this meme is in the link above. 
Happy father
This took, way too long. I hope you guys like it. Oh, that thing next to him. It's just a color seam for his fur and ooze. 

   The Hunters are spirited like animals, or monsters that hunts for a human host. They Have lager sharp teeth, that easily cut throw flash and bone. They only have two front legs, that holds them as they run or walk. They can fly If attached to a host. Their body is thick and strong looking. They have a tail spin that can be 2-3 ft. They weight about 120-450 Lbs. This can change, depending on their size. They have a strong ability, to sniff out prey. There large ears help the hear, like an owl. They can hear from the smallest of mice, to the others. The have little flaps that expose their heart, for sound waves or other sonars.  They hide this with their fur. There, fur can be very tough and thick like ballistic nylon.  There weak point is there heart. Their eyes are best in night. So, their pupils split a little, unlike during the day. There pupils open to almost any shape. There are friendly, and hostile ones.  Hunters that are friend, have eye color that are, green, blue, brown, and purple as for the hostile ones, have eye colors that are red, yellow, grey and black. Each Hunter has different emotions, on them that shows the most.  The friendly hunters have emotions that are not hostile, or aggressive unlike the aggressive Hunters. 

The hunters
Breed name: Hunters

Number alive: Unknown

Notes on them: They are lager like animals. sharp teeth, and a dark ton to there fur. 

Sightings: So far only two small packs have been seen. 

Place of sightings: Mostly in the " shadow woods" and in closed in rooms.

personality: They have different personality's, based on eye color. 

Notes from the labs:

Lab report 1: "It seems that test subject 223-A has shown sighs of aggression. Once it's alone, it howls, and screams for no reason. Everytime we come back, it quickly, goes quite and begin to growl at us. we still dont know why, but some of us think it has to duel with there eyes."

Lab report 2: " It's been weeks, since test 484 has spoken to us. We found it, speaks when it wants to.  I do hope its ok."

Lab report 3: " His temper is no better. He seems to be getting worst, sadly. I have notices that the long it goes, with out human, or any form of interaction, It's eyes seem to grow to a red like color, unlike it's sister. Her eye's are a bright green. His was too. I wonder why?"

Lab report 4: " This file, has been lose. Please wait and try aging or Try to fine this file aging."

Lab report 10: " We don't why, but for some reason someone, let 223-A go. I was hoping,when they realest him, he won't come back. Yet he did. He came back.             He killed them. I'm the last one. I'm by my self. I'm not what you think.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry brother, i really am. I didn't mean for any of this to happen. I wan't this to all end. I really do. I'm so sorry jack, I'm sorry. "

What they are: " This file, has been upload to this website. Hear is a link to it. Please read if you wish to know more about… Please, and thank you."
A happy mother
This is Cecilia! Kiernan's mother. I will have an ref sheet for her,as the same as her husbandmen Cameron.
Who Did It And What For?
Matt pulls a prank on max when he was sleeping.

Max: "who did this!?"  " who did this!"  " who draw this!?'

Rex: " Max, calm you'er man tits."

Max : "Theses tits will never be clam!!! Not untell someone tell me who did this and what for!?"

Alex: " Really man?"

Max: " YES, REALLY!"

little max knows, Matt was the one who draw the.....the....."You know what" on his face. X3 Poor Max. He know, now, not to sleep in Matt's bed ever aging. Lolz.
I'm hear for you buddy
Alex has been picked on for the last week, or so. Rex felt bad that he hadn't done any thing to help, so he did. Rex picked a fight with theses A-holes, and sadly lose. He did scared them to a point that they wont hurt Alex for a few days. So after the fight, Rex comes home to a slightly empty house. Alex hears the door and leaps out of his seat to great him but instead he is greeted by horror of his best friend in claw makers and brushes.  Alex quickly, tells Rex to stay put as he gets the first ad, to patch up his wounds before the others get home.

So ya, that the story and how we got hear.  Sorry about the back ground. 
New memeber of the family
Say hello to Cameron! Cameron is kiernan's father....I'll tell you guys more about him later, but for know i hope you guys like him. :3
The last one
One i changed Rex aging. Two, my pen for my table broke, sadly. so this is by mouse aging, for a little bit, UN-tell i get a new pen. Three, I'm fixing all of them. So i hope you guys like it. (note: I'm not to good with shading on PC, sadly. I just hope it came out, right.)

It;s been 2 weeks since Rex, let his house. Max, Alex, and Matt try the normal place, were he could be hiding at. They spent days, searching the abandon school ground, the grave site, and the old ice tree, were he meet Alex for the first time. Finely, after the last 3 hours, the find Rex, sitting in the green grass, in the moon light. Alex, and them asked Rex, where they were. There was a small fier fly that came close to rex. He chucked lightly, before answering them. 

Rex: "This is the land of lose souls, or as she calls it. The land of forgotten souls."

Max: " OK, so whats you'er little friend name is, or what is it."

Alex, mumbles baby, quietly. Matt quickly, punch Rex in the gut. 

Alex: "Be, nice."

Max: "why?!"

Matt: "Be-quite, i didn't hit you that hard."
Alex: " So is there any more of your friends, around hear little one?"

Alex, gently pokes the little fire fly, like soul. It's bright glows soon fades to a gent yellow. 

Rex: "Therese, no more. This is the last of her kind. She's the last one."

The story ends hear. I hope you guys like it. Let me know what, you guys think. 

I make a full story, just for this. :3

Pleases, go check it out. :3

I'm streaming know. 

Thank you all who, talked to me, give me stuff and even liked my work. This is the only reason why i did this..That and i wan't to start making lets plays of games aging. So, if you guys want to see more, pleases share leave a like or even tell me what you think. If you share this, this would make me happy. My goal for this videos is for me to get 1 like on the video.  If i get one like i will do the next video. I know its a bit much to ask, but i would make me happy to see that people are looking at my videos

If any of you like my let's plays, use this #Bunnyplays! and i will fine more games to play for you guys. :3 Pleases and thank you so,so,SO Much!
Thank you gif for sab546
Sorry that it looks, really bad. I my pen broke, so know i have to go out and get a new one, but i do hope you still like it. If you don't i'll redo it for you when i get my pen aging.

OK,so I'm starting to make the "game of life" cartoon and were in need of voice actors, if any one wants to join please, send any voice clips of the script (once i get it up) or contact me at  if you want to audition. Just know i will be mostly checking up on you tube and Hear so ask, or tell me that you want to audition, then i'll send you the part of it. PLeasea and thank you guys and if you guys and girls don't mine, can you all please share this around. It would mean a lot to me, Thank you all. 



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

This was just for fun at first, but then i check in to my you tube and found out i got this.

"I GOT 18 SUBS!!" Omg, thank you all, and thank you for anyone who subed. So know i need to think of something, that going to go with this videos, and hopeful make a 18+ sub video. wish me luck. :3


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I'm just a shy and kind girl who cant spell for crap sometimes, but loves to draw.



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