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The dragon of the nigth(not done) by Isabellatheshino The dragon of the nigth(not done) :iconisabellatheshino:Isabellatheshino 2 1 Dreamstealer and toy fan art :welcom to my world by Isabellatheshino Dreamstealer and toy fan art :welcom to my world :iconisabellatheshino:Isabellatheshino 3 2 Background by Isabellatheshino Background :iconisabellatheshino:Isabellatheshino 2 1 Toy's Mom ref sheet. by Isabellatheshino Toy's Mom ref sheet. :iconisabellatheshino:Isabellatheshino 0 0 Shineing Star Ref Sheet by Isabellatheshino Shineing Star Ref Sheet :iconisabellatheshino:Isabellatheshino 2 4 Love You Mom!! by Isabellatheshino Love You Mom!! :iconisabellatheshino:Isabellatheshino 0 0 Me As A Human by Isabellatheshino Me As A Human :iconisabellatheshino:Isabellatheshino 0 0 Fan Art Sleepykinq by Isabellatheshino Fan Art Sleepykinq :iconisabellatheshino:Isabellatheshino 3 0 Fanart prince chain by Isabellatheshino Fanart prince chain :iconisabellatheshino:Isabellatheshino 5 0 fanart spacyGalaxly by Isabellatheshino fanart spacyGalaxly :iconisabellatheshino:Isabellatheshino 2 0 Fear full eye and whispering shadows by Isabellatheshino Fear full eye and whispering shadows :iconisabellatheshino:Isabellatheshino 1 0 Wolf In Sheep clothing by Isabellatheshino Wolf In Sheep clothing :iconisabellatheshino:Isabellatheshino 0 3 Clockwork-shadows fanart surreal and opaque by Isabellatheshino Clockwork-shadows fanart surreal and opaque :iconisabellatheshino:Isabellatheshino 5 2 ......... by Isabellatheshino
Mature content
......... :iconisabellatheshino:Isabellatheshino 1 1
crusher bases by Isabellatheshino crusher bases :iconisabellatheshino:Isabellatheshino 1 0 Ok? by Isabellatheshino Ok? :iconisabellatheshino:Isabellatheshino 2 0
when, monsters from another dimension, come by and visit, that's when crap hits the fan> X3


//CHARACTER// Mary free by SpacyGalaxy //CHARACTER// Mary free :iconspacygalaxy:SpacyGalaxy 60 1 Pets Reference Sheet by Clockwork-Shadow Pets Reference Sheet :iconclockwork-shadow:Clockwork-Shadow 32 11 Divine Beast Of Light , Hikari by heman223 Divine Beast Of Light , Hikari :iconheman223:heman223 1 0 Undertale - Mother's Day by TC-96 Undertale - Mother's Day :icontc-96:TC-96 5,157 548 Riley the Seal Pup by Clockwork-Shadow Riley the Seal Pup :iconclockwork-shadow:Clockwork-Shadow 38 17 //CHARACTER//Old streaming sketchs by SpacyGalaxy //CHARACTER//Old streaming sketchs :iconspacygalaxy:SpacyGalaxy 50 4 BunnyDoodles: SonicS by Bunny-Loop BunnyDoodles: SonicS :iconbunny-loop:Bunny-Loop 61 18 if i meet u (base by : Isabellatheshino) by MerryCittycat if i meet u (base by : Isabellatheshino) :iconmerrycittycat:MerryCittycat 1 2 //CHARACTER/YOUR// I'll never leave you by SpacyGalaxy //CHARACTER/YOUR// I'll never leave you :iconspacygalaxy:SpacyGalaxy 91 10 for Isabellatheshino by MerryCittycat for Isabellatheshino :iconmerrycittycat:MerryCittycat 5 1 //CHARACTERS/ Beautiful day...isn't it? by SpacyGalaxy //CHARACTERS/ Beautiful day...isn't it? :iconspacygalaxy:SpacyGalaxy 58 6 Ask Meh #1 by Pinkpika23 Ask Meh #1 :iconpinkpika23:Pinkpika23 3 0 (REF) Kao The Goat by Sleepykinq (REF) Kao The Goat :iconsleepykinq:Sleepykinq 1,647 325



The dragon of the nigth(not done)
I'm still working on it, but I hope you guys still like it. :3 Let me know what you guys think, pleases and thank you.
Dreamstealer and toy fan art :welcom to my world
I did new fanart. I loved your dragon, so I hope you don't mine if I add her to toy's rainy world.  I hope you like.

Sadly, I'm sure no body really care that I when missing but my friends and family. BUUUUUTT! That's not what I'm hear for. I'm hear to tell you that I'm doing the comic for night and them, So wait a bit and it will be out soon.
Toy's Mom ref sheet.
I need a little help, with the name for toy's mom, but other then that. Aging happy mothers days!! This is toy's Mom. If you guys have any ideas for her name, pleases let me know.

I will fill out the rest of the sheet , once I get a name.
Shineing Star Ref Sheet
X3, I want to wait, in until mothers day to show night's mom. I hope you guys like it.
Posted on 5/14/17 finished at 4;15am.…

Let me know what you guys think of this please, I really need feed back. Please and thank you.
Do you guys like my art, I just wish to know.. I haven't really been feeling so happy about my art. I just need some thing to push me to help me a bit more, that's all. SO can you guys give me some feed back, please. Thanks.
Love You Mom!!
It's self explain.  So happy mothers day to every mother and my best mom in the whole world, And I'm glade to have her, in my life... sorry that it sounds like I'm bragging about my mom, soo to help. Why don't you guys say why you guys love you mother in the comments down below. And share the love to every one and share you love to you mothers, give them lots of hugs and kisses and thank them for doing there best to take care of you. Happy mothers day, guys. I hope you guys have a good one.
Hey, if anyone wants someone to draw them fan art, I'll do it free. Just send me a pic of the character you want me to draw and I'll do my best. Or if you guys have fan art for me, just send me the link and I'll look at it. That is all.
:3APH Prussia tackle hug Natsuki Shinomiya (Super hug) [V1] Squeek Hug Emoticon :whalehuggle: Hug Hug Hug Fairentine Spaz Hug Hug +favlove :love: Love Tards la in love La love Spread the love :lovely: :heart: rvmp Heart Love Lily Thank you 
Me As A Human
I got bored, so I draw my self. And yes, my hair is a puff ball right know. I love it. :3 And yes, I like to cross my eyes and sticking my tongue out, playfully.

And a big thank you to everyone who pushed me this fare, Thank you guys so much. And I also want to think everyone whos watchers me and liked my art and my first 6 subs on YouTube. Thank you.
Fan Art Sleepykinq
I hope you like this one, a bit better then the first one I made.
Fear full eye and whispering shadows
Name: Fear full eye
Gender: Female

She's a old rabbit spirt, whos made it her job to help anyone, who's in need. She's normally likes to hang out with her best friend, whispering shadows. She has strong motherly, instincts. Sadly, these motherly instincts tend to maker her over protective, for almost every body she meets. So she quick, to help her friends. 

Backstory: Fear was, a strong independence mother who had two kids. She always watch over her, kids and never lets them out of her sight. Sadly, on day as she was out grabbing shine bunny berries, her kids were under attacked. After a few hours, of hunting for these berries, she soon retuned to a hole of dead babies. She felt ill and didn't know what to do. She vow to the day she dies, and after she will fine the killer.

Name: Whispering shadows
Gender: Male

He's a younger snake. He's the only one whos half living and half dead. HIs voice is chilling, and light but yet is soothing. He can sweet talk, all most anyone who he meets. He move's in the shadows with out a sound. He keeps his voice to a whisper.

Backstory: When he was smaller, his mother was killed. His family soon follow behind. He favorite seeing blood, for some reason. He quickly soon being to collect skulls of his Vick domes. To this day, no one really knows his reasoning for his action's and what happen to his love ones, but he carries one scare on his body.
Wolf In Sheep clothing
 "Baa Baa black sheep have you any soul?
No sir, By the way what the hell are morals?"

favorite song....Well one of them.

Clockwork-shadows fanart surreal and opaque
Surreal and opaque is clockwork-shadows oc's. And the bunny and snake is two of my older oc's when I was much smaller. There names are fear full eye and whispering shadows, those two are really old. I hadn't draw them for a long time. I think I made them when I was about 12 or 13 when I made them. I made them to help me feel better, Sadly I soon forgotten about them. Lucky, they showed back up. :3 I do hope you like this clockwork. Oh, sorry about the wings, I'm not that good with them. X3 If you want you can keep the bunny and snake, all you have to do is rename them. Let me know if you do want them.

This is my way of saying think you. :3
For some reason, it felt like I haven't really, been explaining night's back story too well. So, I'll see what I can do. I hope I can start a comic on night hopefully.
Sorry there's some gore, and stuff. Night's life, when he first started wasn't so good, but I'll show how his life turn around when he got older, Then you'll see the night that we all know mostly too day.
And, for any one who's wondering, yes I'm ok. I just need to practiced on backgrounds. 
crusher bases
hear a bases for you guys to use if you guys want your own pet crusher. Oh, if you do use this credit back to me plz, and also send me a link to your crusher, I want to at lest see what your crusher looks like.
Hey, guys!! I'm doing another bases if you guys want to use it. Also if there's anyone who wants me to draw something for you or your character, just send me a ref sheet and ask, and I'll see what I can do.
Sadly, I'm sure no body really care that I when missing but my friends and family. BUUUUUTT! That's not what I'm hear for. I'm hear to tell you that I'm doing the comic for night and them, So wait a bit and it will be out soon.


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I'm just a shy and kind girl who cant spell for crap sometimes, but loves to draw.



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